Thrill Seekers Need to Try Rogue River Rafting This Summer

One of the best whitewater rafting trips to engage in for thrill seekers this summer is Rogue River Rafting It is truly unlike anything else you’ve experienced in the U.S. Where else can you stay over at one of many comfortable lodged every evening and raft a soul-stirring river during the day? Orange Torpedo Trips has been at it ever since 1969 and do not plan on going anywhere anytime soon. They offer numerous trips on the Rogue that will satisfy the need for adventure by both local and international visitors.

Seen as one of the more famous rivers, The Rogue flows from the Cascade Mountains all the way through to the Pacific with rafting trips taking place on what is considered to be the most scenic and natural sections through the heart of the Rogue River Wilderness area. It sure is an understatement to say that rafters will experience fun, warm water, green-forested canyon, and intermediate rapids of various levels. One can truthfully say that the Rogue is the ideal natural playground that conforms to exceptional standards.

During the day, you will raft your way through splashy rapids, get to relax and enjoy quiet pools, observe black bear, deer, birds, and otters who made this impressive canyon their home. Similar in nature to other international rafting trips, you can look forward to much variety along the way to include historical walks and super awesome hiking trails. You will have to look long and hard to find rivers that offer such a magical experience for people of all age groups.

Rafting the Rogue sure is one of the most exciting and stunning trips you can hope for this summer. As a side note, Congress recognized and acknowledged that the Rogue possess unique qualities, resulting in it being designated as one of the original Wild and Scenic Rivers since 1968. Is it any wonder when one consider how rich it is with wildlife and flora while it offers something for everyone. The Rogue is even home to numerous pioneer homesteads and offers freshwater to steelhead and salmon who provide regular entertainment to observers during one of their runs.

It is amazing to see how the Rogue makes its way through various natural rock formations that teem with wildlife and a large variety of flora to be admired by all who took it upon themselves to engage in one or the other rafting exercise. Part and parcel of the fantastic Oregon, the river boasts over 80 distinct rapid treats that can be enjoyed by rafters of different levels.

Many a rafter cannot wait to engage in outdoor rafting at day and recover from the day’s activities at one of many lodges at night. The minute you set foot on one of the rafts provided by experienced excursion companies like Orange Torpedo Trips, you will feel the welcoming, warm rays of the sun shining down on you while surrounded by the untamed wonders of the Northwest.

Rafting the various rapids on the river is the perfect adventure for younger, older and more advanced rafters. The thing is that the Rogue River accommodates newbies or the intermediate so that anyone can enjoy whitewater adventures. Famous rapids like Blossom Bar and Rainie Falls ensure that your adrenaline fueled trips become part of your unforgettable memories.  

Did you know that the French fur trappers arrived in the 1820s and had various encounters with the local Indians in the area? At the time, they called the locals “les Coquins,” meaning “the Rogues.”

The ability to enjoy numerous trips through the scenic canyons of the Rogue River is enough reason to make your way down to one of the famous outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips and sign yourself up for a rafting trip of a lifetime.

You may or may not have heard of their sought-after thrill seeker trip where you will engage in some SUP boarding where a Class IV rafting adventure awaits you. Nothing beats the thrills of having to balance yourself through a couple of very scenic class I and II rapids of the Rogue River at the base of the Table Rock Mountain. It makes summertime in the Oregon one of the best times of your life and is well worth experiencing for both young and old. Click through to learn more about white water rafting trip orange torpedo